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Convegno ICOME XI

Social events



Social Programme

Since Florence is a place that offers so much to the visitor, it was decided to give a choice of tours of various range and length, that we hope will enable participants and their companions to get a few interesting sights and flavours of our location. Therefore we have organised activities and tours in Florence during the conference. On Saturday 8 February we also propose a selection of half-day guided tours in Florence and two one-day excursions in Tuscany.

As for the payment, attendees will be asked to pay (cash) at the registration desk in Florence.

Since the activities and the post-conference tours have to be organised in advance, participants are recommended to book in advance (even if they are free, like the Welcome Reception) via email to


Events during the conference


  • Guided walking tour through Florence (free)
    Tuesday 5 February
    Meeting point: Conference venue (Piazza San Marco) 

    A professional guide will guide you through the main streets and squares and see some of the city’s most beautiful and important medieval and Renaissance buildings: Piazza San Marco, Palazzo Medici Riccardi, Piazza del Duomo, with Baptistery and Santa Maria del Fiore Cathedral, Piazza della Signoria with Palazzo Vecchio and Loggia dell’Orcagna. After crossing the Arno river over the famous Ponte Vecchio we will reach Palazzo Pitti, Medici family’s impressing residence palace.




Saturday 9 February - Day trips


  • Full Day Excursion to Pisa-Lucca
    Saturday 9 February
    Departure: 8.30
    Price: € 50 /min 40 pax incl. entrance to Duomo and Baptistery (excl. Leaning Tower)

    Our full day trip will have as first destination Pisa which is about 1,5 h drive from Florence. By the arrival, a local guide will introduce you to Piazza dei Miracoli, the Cathedral Square known for its famous Leaning Tower. After the visit of the Cathedral and the Baptistery you will have some time at leisure for lunch or individual visits. In the afternoon we will reach Lucca Lucca, a charming medieval town surrounded by an entirely intact city wall. After a short walk you will have some time at disposal for individual visits. Return to Florence around 6 pm.


  • Full Day Excursion to Siena and Monteriggioni
    Saturday 9 February
    Departure: 8.30
    Price: € 60 / min 40 pers. incl. entrance to Palazzo Pubblico and Duomo

    We will first drive (some 1,5 h) to Siena, a historical town built on the top of the three hills surrounded by beautiful Tuscan landskape. A local guide will familiarize you with the history of this fascinating medieval city state by presenting Palazzo Pubblico Museum, housing the magnificent Maestà by Simone Martini and the Allegory of Good and Bad Government by Ambrogio Lorenzetti, and the mighty Duomo. Time at leisure for free lunch and in the afternoon, on the way back to Florence, a visit to the beautifully preserved medieval village of Monteriggioni Monteriggioni.


Friday 8 February - Half day tours in Florence


  • Medieval Florence
    Friday 8 February
    Meeting point: In front of the Cathedral’s façade
    Time: 14,30-18,00.
    Price: € 35 / min 10 pers

    Walking tour through the medieval Florence from Basilica di Santa Maria Novella to Santa Croce
    Since the second half of the 11th century Florence kept on growing steadily and expanding its territory to new urban areas. In fact, by the end of the 13th century Florence had become one of the largest, richest and most populous cities in Europe.
    The new religious orders established themselves in the crowded suburbs: the Franciscans in the east and the Dominicans in the western part of the city, in the same neighbourhood where we still can admire the two magnificent Basilicas of Santa Maria Novella and Santa Croce.
    We will start our tour discovering the outstanding frescos painted by Masaccio, Domenico del Ghirlandaio and Filippino Lippi in Santa Maria Novella. After crossing Dante’s medieval district, we will reach the Holy Cross Church, famous for Giotto’s fresco painted family chapels as well as for the burial monuments of Michelangelo and Galileo Galilei.


  • The Uffizi Gallery and Medici’s Florence
    Friday 8 February
    Meeting point: In front of David statue on Piazza della Signoria
    Time: 14,30-18,00.
    Price: € 35 / min 10 pers

    Having brought nearly all Tuscany under his power, Cosimo I de’ Medici conceived the idea, extremely advanced for the year 1560, to unite all public services into a single building, the Uffizi. Its construction was entrusted to Giorgio Vasari who designed this grandiose office building.
    Today Vasari’s palace houses the Galleria degli Uffizi, a worldwide famous collection of outstanding paintings from the Middle Ages to the Modern period including some absolute, in particular Renaissance, masterpieces: Giotto, Simone Martini, Piero della Francesca, Beato Angelico, Filippo Lippi, Botticelli, Mantegna, Correggio, Leonardo, Raffaello, Michelangelo and Caravaggio.
    During our visit to the Gallery we will focus our attention on techniques, legends, and stories behind the paintings while admiring masterpieces as Tondo Doni by Michelangelo, The Annunciation by Leonardo da Vinci or The Birth of Venus and Primavera by Botticelli.


Saturday 9 February - Half day tours in Florence


  • The Cathedral Square
    Saturday 9 February
    Meeting point: In front of the Cathedral’s façade
    Time: 9,30-12,30. Price: € 35/ min 10 pers.

    The Cathedral Square with the visit to the Baptistery, Santa Maria del Fiore and Opera del Duomo
    The monuments of Piazza del Duomo constitute one single open-air museum in the heart of Florence. We will start our 3 h tour visiting the Baptistery of San Giovanni, a marble coated Romanesque church with the dome covered by precious Byzantine style mosaics. The Duomo with its majestic volume and its huge dome looms since seven centuries over the rooftops of the city. After the visit of the Cathedral we will head to the nearby Opera del Duomo Museum which hosts, in the recently innovated exhibition halls, the masterpieces of Arnolfo di Cambio, Lorenzo Ghiberti, Donatello, Luca della Robbia and Michelangelo.


  • Galleria Palatina and Boboli Gardens
    Saturday 9 February
    Meeting point: In front of the Cathedral’s façade
    Time: 9,30-12,30.
    Price: € 35 / min 10 pers

    The Pitti Palace purchased by Eleonor of Toledo with her husband of Cosimo I in 1550, was transformed into a new lavish Grand Ducal residence. The beautiful first floor rooms, Medici family’s apartments for some 200 years, house today the Palatine Gallery which includes an impressive selection of paintings, enriched by sculptures, vases and tables made with stone inlays. The collection displays a great number of paintings by Raphael, as well as invaluable works by Titian, Tintoretto, Caravaggio and Rubens.
    After the visit of Galleria Palatina we will head to the nearby Boboli Gardens, an Italian style garden which Medicis embellished with statues, fountains and grottos and which was taken as a model for future European court gardens.


Specific sightseeing programmes

Specific sightseeing programmes can be drafted for individuals and for accompanying persons at request. An early notice of your wishes will be appreciated.

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